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Standing Long Jump Mats

broad jump mat

Broad Jump Mat is 12ft. 6 inches long by 3ft. wide.

12ft broad jump mat

Clearly marked lines define your accomplishments.
If you fall or place your hands, finger(s) on the floor your score will be zero.

Standing Broad Jump Mat

Start Line: Measured in 2 inch increments from 2 feet up to 10 feet.

The Standing Broad Jump Mats
The standard and transitional broad jump mat needs no introduction. The mat is the origin of all jumping mats for elementary school children, middle school and high school kids.
The standing broad jump mat starts at 2ft. up to 10ft. with 2 inch increments for accurate measurements.
To add a challenge post a progress chart on the bulletin board.

Measurable, fun, traditional and forever a part of physical education and movement education curriculum, a supply, rather a staple for all PE and recreation programs.

Star Jumper Mat

Star Jumper Mat

The Star Jumper Mat©...a long jump training mat for kids.
The STAR JUMPER © is like a portable long jump mat (3 ft. x 12 ft.) for pre-school and elementary school physical education, movement education classes.

Kids sprint, take off n' jump from the Rocket Foot that corresponds to their age group and leaps toward the farthest possible star. The most distant star is a Star 10.

Benefits Benefits of the Star Jumper ©

Children get instant feedback of their efforts- as soon as they land on the stars, a score is known. When progress is measurable kids strive with determination. Physical education teachers will appreciate this benefit.


The long jump training mat is designed by a physical educator for physical education students with attainable performance objectives in mind. Foot take-off points for six-year- olds are located closer to Star 10 than ten-year-olds. The 'sliding scale' physical education performance objectives make the STAR JUMPER© fun and mass oriented: a requirement of physical education curriculum.


The STAR JUMPER© does NOT come with a score flash cards. But score cards can be made in art class so children can take turns being the long jump JUDGE. With adult supervision this can be a great time to learn objectivity- this personality trait is crucial for social development.


The motivating design of rocket foot, makes the STAR JUMPER© super exciting for children during pre-school and elementary school physical education classes. A prelude to the Long Jump in middle and high school track and field curriculum. What awaits all kids is the ultimate long jump to the Star 10.


Skill-Level Based Jumping Mats For Kids

Jumping Mat
The Jumping Mat Series, Level 1
The ABC's of vertical and horizontal jumping...
Level 1 is a jumping game on a mat for 3-6 year old boys and girls. With side-ways, left to right and right to left jumps while landing on one or two feet appears to train children for skiing. This was not the intention even though the movements are similar to parallel skiing. With horizontal and vertical jumping while shifting body weight will teach balance and control. Perhaps our children’s jumping mat is like an extreme hopscotch mat but more exciting and challenging.
These movements are all executed while targeting foot prints that are in front, left and right of the child’s pathway toward the victorious finish line.
This path is a journey toward vertical & horizontal and locomotive challenges and achieving physical goals while experience pure joy and laughter. This is pure exercise disguised as fun.

Jumping Mat

The Jumping Mat Series, Level 2
Like an obstacle course on a mat...
Consists of turns with twisting jumps. This level is like an obstacle course for a kangaroo in a restricted space.
While progressing forward, the child must jump, hop, turn n’ twist while transferring his/her weight to the left and right foot while jumping to one’s counter-side with the opposite foot. In other words, jumping to the left with the left foot and landing on the right foot.
If there ever was an aptitude test for skiing, long jump, triple jump or dancing, Level 2 of the Jumping Mat Series would be the test.

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