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Hopscotch Mats & Standing Long Jump Mats For Children

Teaching Kids to Jump and Leap With Innovative Mat Designs
Physical education and movement education-its teaching strategies & supplies-are forever evolving. To keep up with this development, physical education and movement education supplies and equipment designers must continue to innovate products; products that are fundamental but challenging, economical but durable while being fun and healthy!
Our innovative jumping mats for children meets physical skill prerequisites, exceeds innovation, surpasses creativity and is truly fun!
Running, jumping, hopping and landing safely are rudimentary in all physical activity. The earlier physical educators introduce these pre-requisites skills to young boys and girls; the safer they will be in sport, athletics, dance environments, or heaven-forbid, in a fight or flight situation. Strong legs/the ability to run are the greatest self-dense, says the cheetah to the tiger.
A positive and early introduction to movement education and/or physical education will shape a children’s attitude toward health, sport, dance and just generally physical exertion. The strength of our nation in the future depends on the attitude of our children today.
Join the fun, shape the future and attitudes toward fitness, exercise and physical exertion! Let’s get physical while jumping for joy!

Hopscotch Mats

Hopscotch Matyellow hopscotch mat
Purchased mats for hopscotch do not include bean bags .

Hopscotch Mats Training
Our hopscotch mats are made of vinyl sheet measuring 34"(2.8 feet) wide x 94" (7.8 feet) long. This will provide a non-slip jumping surface on concrete, asphalt or wood for classrooms, recreation centers or even in our home or on your patio, garage floor or sidewalk.
Numbers and lines are black for clear reading and easy visibility. The portability of our hopscotch mats-at less than 2 lbs. makes this practical for areas in which floor space is shared. The reverse side of the hopscotch mat has an anti-slip texture for a secure floor grip.
As well, it’s easy enough to unroll for classroom recess time or a movement education class with limited floor space. Made and designed in the USA, our hopscotch mats will add years of enjoyment to playground activities, physical education curriculum and pre-school programs.

mat for hopscotch
Bottom side of hopscotch mat is textured and will add moderate anti-slip qualities.

Grey Hopscotch Mat Mat is 4x15

Skill-Level Based Jumping Mats For Kids

Jumping Mat
The Jumping Mat Series, Level 1
The ABC's of vertical and horizontal jumping...
Level 1 is a jumping game on a mat for 3-6 year old boys and girls. With side-ways, left to right and right to left jumps while landing on one or two feet appears to train children for skiing. This was not the intention even though the movements are similar to parallel skiing. With horizontal and vertical jumping while shifting body weight will teach balance and control. Perhaps our children’s jumping mat is like an extreme hopscotch mat but more exciting and challenging.
These movements are all executed while targeting foot prints that are in front, left and right of the child’s pathway toward the victorious finish line.
This path is a journey toward vertical & horizontal and locomotive challenges and achieving physical goals while experience pure joy and laughter. This is pure exercise disguised as fun.

Jumping Mat

The Jumping Mat Series, Level 2
Like an obstacle course on a mat...
Consists of turns with twisting jumps. This level is like an obstacle course in a restricted space.
While progressing forward, the child must jump, hop, turn n’ twist while transferring his/her weight to the left and right foot while jumping to one’s counter-side with the opposite foot. In other words, jumping to the left with the left foot and landing on the right foot.
If there ever was an aptitude test for skiing, long jump, triple jump or dancing, Level 2 of the Jumping Mat Series would be the test.

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